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Would You Perform Your Own Brain Surgery? Letting go and letting the universe do its job! September 7, 2011

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“It takes a lot of energy to try to make the world work in the way your intellect thinks it should work.
Put down the burden of trying to plan every small detail.” Sanaya Roman

Would you want to perform your own brain surgery? Would you try to do your own root canal? Would you prefer to land the next jet you fly on?

Of course not, unless you are a brain surgeon, endodontist or jet pilot. Why? Because they do it better. Chances are they do it a lot better.

So why do the job of the universe? Why decide how you want something to look, rather than allowing the universe to handle what it does best – handling the details.

Letting the universe handle the little things…

I attended a gift show with a friend a few summers back, to scout out cool gifts for one of my businesses. We got to the show and it was packed! I’ve never seen so many cars at this place! It was a 95+ degree day and the parking lot radiated heat. As I took in the situation, I decided I wanted to create a parking space close to the door.

Parking spaces are a fairly easy creation, and I’d become quite powerful in my ability to manifest them. Not a problem, I figured. Usually I would just do a quick visualization of my car pulling into an empty slot (with harm to none) and “voila!” it would appear. But that day, it just wasn’t happening. I wondered briefly why that was… then, figuring there must be a reason, let it go.

The further away from the door we drove, the more cars we saw. And still – no spaces! Finally, clear on the opposite side of the building… was a space. I grabbed it. I hadn’t received my parking space close to the building after all.

However, within a few feet we caught a shuttle to the main door, and on the way back, the shuttle driver dropped us off right next to my car – even better than a space close to the door. I did get what I wanted – not having to walk across a blazing parking lot. But it didn’t look like I thought it would.

Letting the universe handle the bigger things…

OK. That’s a small example. But how about this:

During the same year, my hours at work were cut from my job as a corporate VP of a small marketing company, from 40 to 12 hours a week! It was tempting to fall into self-pity, blame or fear about finances. It wasn’t easy to stay focused on what I really wanted – more autonomy, more money, more creativity and more hours to spend on my writing.

But I forced myself to practice feeling how I would feel when I received that reality. I reminded myself often that my reality was my choice, and this happening only meant change, and that better things were about to appear.

Within a week of being notified of the cutback, I picked up a year-long freelance job that paid me three times as much money as I was making, working from home on an easy project. I didn’t expect it to play out like that when I designed my dream – but I was getting exactly what I wanted.

Why Does It Work That Way?

Some call it, “letting the universe handle the details”. Some call it “letting go and letting God”. The bottom line is, if we try and control the way things look, we end up doing ourselves more harm than good.

Why? This universe of free will operates very much like a computer. Energy in = reality out. If you put energy in for an end result, there could be thousands of possible routes to that. Usually the most direct (read fastest outcome) route is not one our logical mind would think of.

As in the examples above, what oftentimes seems like bad news is simply the most direct route to the thing we want. If we stay out of judgment, fear and other constrictive emotions, and focus on the essence, or the emotion of our desires (i.e. the way we want to feel), we always will be pleasantly surprised in the resourcefulness of the universe.

It’s not easy. We all have preconceived notions of how things should work out, how our dreams should manifest, what is supposed to happen when and how. We have beliefs that outline the only way things can happen. But those beliefs and ideas are slowing down what we desire and sometimes stopping it from happening at all.

It’s not the circumstances that bring good results to you. A good job doesn’t ensure you’ll be rich, secure and happy in that job. Your resonance determines whether you’ll be rich, secure and happy. A good job can be the detail the universe chooses, but so could a great investment paying off that frees you to open your own business, or a neighbor deciding to move toEurope and asking you to run her company.

If you send out pure energy of prosperity, security, ease, fun, etc. and let the universe decide how it arrives, you are opening every possible door that could bring you a reality that causes you to feel those emotions. If you have rigid ideas of how and when and whether you can have what you want, you are closing the possible avenues of its arrival, one by one.

Know you can have everything you desire. Know that it will take time, patience, knowledge, skill and healing to open all the doors of possibility. Trust the universe and your Higher Powers to take care of the details. They will – if you do your part and become crystal clear about how you want it to feel when it arrives and then, blissfully, let it go.

In joyful creation,



How to Change Unrequited Love September 4, 2011

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“You wait a lifetime to meet Someone who understands you, accepts you as you are.
At the end, you find that Someone, all along, has been you.” ~ Richard Bach


Dear Boni.


Hello from Athens Greece! I have read your articles for the past 5 years and they are great. At this point of my life I have a difficult situation to deal with and maybe you can help me.


My intention is to create a relationship with a really nice young man with whom I have been in love for the last 11 months. I am 36 and I dare to say that I have had a bit of intuition since I was a child. However I don’t know if that help me in my life as I don’t seem to have enough power to change my intuitive thoughts about the future.


Anyway, here is my problem: I prefer to make long lasting fulfilling relationships with the “perfect” match. That’s why I have had only one relationship in my whole life for 12 years with my former husband. Now we are divorced (which was mostly my fault). We have been apart for the last 6 years.


I have a clear image of the man I want to be with in my mind and his characteristics. Last November I met a guy exactly like that! I knew it from the first minute and he said “later” to me that he felt it too.


Since we work together we got to know each other very well. I believe that he is almost perfect for me, and so he said. However he is a bit younger and began first relationship and nothing happened between us.


As we got to know each other he seemed interested but didn’t want to cheat so he broke up with her three times in order to be with me. However he had still feelings for her. He felt sorry that he hurt her so badly so he went back to her each time.


I tried when I met him to do the techniques and they worked but at the end I got disappointed and really jealous and lost my alignment. I got mad at him, he was mad at me for treating him badly and we went through a bad period.


We talk and see each other every day but he is still with this other woman. I saw many signs at first now I am really disappointed and I keep crying all day because I fell in love with him. I am desperate!


What do you think I should do (besides looking for another guy)!? I really thing he is the one for me! He has flaws ok… but otherwise he is very nice!


Thank you



Dearest Marina,

My heart goes out to you. We have all been there – in love and unhappy about something in the relationship. Yes, what you have to be unhappy about is big – your love is with another woman! Still, whether a large or small issue, it always come down to the same thing.

We cannot control another person.


Hear this please – if someone is not acting the way you want them to act, be it boyfriend, spouse, co-worker, family member or friend – you cannot change them!

You cannot change someone else. Period.

You can, however, change yourself and thus your reality will change. But as my dear friend Lazaris reminds us, “Nothing changes until you do”.


It is wonderful you set your intentions on a loving relationship. It is even better that you thought about the characteristics of that relationship. I think where it fell apart for you, is when you received a ‘sign’ that the universe was about to deliver what you ordered, and you assumed it was more than a sign. You assumed it was the relationship!

Now I am not saying it isn’t the relationship. It very well may be. But it probably will not be until your energy is clearer on what you want, what you think you deserve, what you believe is possible and what you will allow.

Let me tell you a story from my life.

A relationship was a deep yearning for me. I knew I had a lot of love to give. I knew I longed for a partner who would love me deeply in return. This was my intention:
I intend to fully enjoy a wonderful loving relationship with a man with whom I’m emotionally, spiritually, mentally, physically and cosmically compatible. I intend for this relationship to be filled with fun, freedom, ease, joy, love, intimacy, vulnerability and trust.

I did create a man coming into my life. I loved him deeply and he loved me deeply as well. We were engaged within a few months.
And then reality hit. Rather my fear kicked in. Was he ‘the one’? Could he be this man I had set my intentions on?
And when my fears manifested as him being fearful. The fear on both our parts spiraled us into more fear, more reasons to fear, and because the love seemed threatened on both our parts, we each tried to control the other.
I probably don’t need to tell you – this turned out badly.
He left. I, although disappointed, vowed to heal and change myself. I dove deep into my psyche, retrieved beliefs that conflicted with what I desired, such as:


The perfect man for me doesn’t exist.

I’ll never meet the perfect man for me.

I cannot be fully myself and be accepted.

I need to bend over backwards in a relationship in order to be loved.

I need to earn love.

I need to sacrifice my own needs in a relationship.

My significant other needs to be perfect.

I then changed these beliefs to:

The perfect man for me does exist.

I’ll meet the perfect man for me at the right time.

I can be fully myself and be accepted.

I need to just be myself in a relationship in order to be loved.

I need to receive love.

I need to tend to my own needs in a relationship.

My significant other needs to be willing to grow.

I quickly met, and became engaged to another man, whom I thought was ‘the one’! Much to my dismay, only 6 months into the relationship, this man proved me wrong. Back to the metaphysical drawing board!
I worked again on my beliefs, scrutinized my thoughts, and was more determined than ever to create the relationship of my dreams.
What I realized in the year since ‘man A’ had left, was that I had been trying to control the men in my life since I was a little girl. Thinking I was less powerful than the men in my life, if I controlled them I ultimately would get what I wanted.
More beliefs were discovered:

Everything is an illusion but men.

The more I control, the more I get the love I truly want.

Men are not safe.

Men are more powerful than me.

Men in my life always betray me and I cannot trust them.

And I changed those beliefs to:

Everything is an illusion including men.

The more I let go, the more I get the love I truly want.

Men are safe.

Men can be as powerful as me.

Men in my life always support me and I can trust them.

The real surprise was ‘man A’ then came back into my life, through a series of undeniable miracles. Because I had changed (as had he), the relationship blossomed into one even better than my wildest dreams. We were married later that year, and remain in a state of (nearly always) bliss.
The moral of this story? If you want a life of your dreams you don’t get to choose who plays the roles of family (spiritual family that is), mate, friend, co-worker. You just get to choose that you want it.
And yes, oftentimes this means letting go of those who cannot treat you in the manner that you deserve (which is always wonderful). And sometimes letting go allows them to change into someone perfect (for you). Then again, sometimes letting go allows Mr. Right (for you) to enter stage left.

The Steps Out of Disappointment

I know it is confusing, and difficult to sort out. Breaking it down into small and manageable parts allows you to look at all of the pieces to find out exactly why you are mis-creating.
The Map” of Conscious Creation reminds us to ask these questions:

  1. Do you remember who you are?
    Marina you are a spark of the divine. And you create your (entire) reality!
  1. What do you want (desire)?
    It seems like you are clear on this, Marina. However, I bet that nowhere in your list of intentions does it state “I intend my partner has another love.” If you do not already have this intention, I would add it: “I intend to create an exclusive, loving, joyful and fun-filled relationship.”
  1. What energy are you putting forth?
    Marina you said it yourself, you feel disappointed and desperate. Remember, the energy (in the form of thoughts and feelings and beliefs) you put out you get back. What you are creating is more disappointment and more desperation.Try imagining a man who loves you so much and is so deeply committed to you he cannot even imagine being with anyone else ever! And then take a look at the beliefs you hold about men and relationships. Beliefs are energy you are exuding 24/7!
  2. What action are you taking?
    I know you don’t want to hear this, but my suggestion is to date other men. If this guy has any hope of being ‘the one’ for you, he will eventually show up and ask for an exclusive relationship. If not, good riddance! You deserve more Marina. Meanwhile, there are lots of fish in the sea. Practice creating and see what you can manifest!
  3. What is your world saying to you (response) and what is your response back? Your world always reflects back to you what you are sending out in the form of energy. If you are happy with what is happening in your reality, thank the universe and enjoy… keep up the good work! If you are not happy, go back and redefine your dream, work on your beliefs and your thoughts and feelings, and take different action.
  4. When not working on the relationship (and even when you are), are you happy?
    Spending your days in worry, doubt and despair won’t help. Find reasons to be happy. Start a gratitude journal. Smell the flowers. Read a good book. Know this is your illusion and you get to choose! (If that doesn’t make you happy I don’t know what will!)
  1. Do you ask for help?
    Every night and every morning… ask your unseen friends to help you manifest the relationship of your dreams. Request that they gently show you what you need to change in you, and help you as much as they can, to heal. Hey, it can’t hurt right?

So how do you turn the energy around and create the relationship of your dreams? You follow “The Map” and one by one take apart the components of your creation. It will take some work, dearMarina, but I know you can do this.

Keep me posted… sending love and light to you for a beautiful relationship!

In joyous creation,



Life on Planet Earth – A user’s manual July 7, 2011

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Thank you for incarnating on planet Earth. We recognize you have a choice as to which planet you experience physical lifetimes on, and we truly appreciate your choosing ours.

Your incarnation should include:

  • One physical body of human variety
  • One emotional body of varying depths
  • One mental body of varying aptitudes
  • One spiritual body (Although we will provide the integration to the other bodies, you must bring your own spiritual body from Home.)
  • One (semi-healthy) Earth planet to reside upon
  • One universe in which your planet is housed
  • One multi-verse which houses your universe

Wait, there’s more!

Your Premium “Life on Planet Earth” Package includes:

  • Unlimited replacement bodies. Should your body wear out before you are finished with the fun here on planet Earth, you may ‘turn in your body’ at any time. A brand new body will be provided to you at no additional fee, and you may resume exactly where you left off. You will be provided all the same issues, concerns, stumbling blocks and emotional blockages as when you turned in your old body – you won’t have missed a minute of the reason you came to Earth.
  • Unlimited lifetime Support. To contact Support simply mentally request it. Although we do guarantee every request for support will be filled, we do not guarantee receipt of fulfillment. For some reason humans find it difficult to hear the support that has been dispensed. To increase your chances of actually receiving the support being given to you, we suggest practicing the following while opening your heart and mind: becoming quiet, meditating, going-within, listening to the messages your reality is sending you, and/or journaling.

Before You Begin Life on Earth:

Editor’s Note: We recently revised this section of the manual. Prior to the revision we included everything one needed to know in a pre-life briefing. However it became apparent that the retention of this information while actually residing on the planet was near zero. We therefore eliminated this section of the training and simply wish new incarnates Good Luck!

All user-training currently takes place while residing in the body on the planet. Although acceptance of the information is much lower, retention by those accepting it has been vastly improved.

Using Your Incarnation:

Most of what you need to know on planet Earth you will learn as you go. However there are a couple of ground rules which are helpful to remember:

Ground Rules

  1. Everything is you
  2. You are everything

That’s it! Good luck on planet Earth!

Truly and really that is all you need to know. However since these are new concepts to even some native Earth-goers, we will elaborate on each of these rules.

Everything is you.

Planet Earth is a highly advanced creative experience. We utilize state of the art holographic technology to produce a complete illusion down to the tiniest microscopic detail. Planet Earth will seem very, very real during the incarnation.

However, the seeming realness of the planet should not keep you from realizing the entire shebang is a dream. You do not remember this now that you have a body, but you were instrumental in creating the entire situation you find yourself in on the planet.

You chose your parents.

You chose your place of birth.

You chose your siblings.

You chose your family’s economic status.

You even chose your body type and sex.

You chose your past lifetimes as a backdrop to live out this one.

You set it all up – you and the ‘higher’ yous.

And, here is the really fun news: On planet Earth, you keep choosing! You create it all on this planet! Everything you experience, from the largest life-changing passages to the teeniest, tiniest details. All of it is you. Everything is you.

“So what’s the point,” you may wonder… “Why did I choose to play this game to begin with?”


Well, that is a good question.

You chose it because you wanted to see what you could do with it. You are creative by your very nature. You created the box, and you created yourself inside the box, and you wanted to see if you could create your way out of the box, out of the dark, back into the light.

You thought this would be fun.

Now, granted, you have at times come to regret this decision. It has turned out to be more painful than you had intended. It was never supposed to be this dark. But, here you are again! And this time you decided a user’s manual after you were in body was a good idea. And voila! Here it is.

Although there are two ground rules there is just one thing to remember overall:

Your mission is to create a wonderful world for yourself – and to have a blast doing it.

That’s it. That’s all. That’s the end game.

“Whoa, whoa, wait a minute…” (Editor’s note: yes, we can hear you… how else could we answer your questions adequately?) “What about all the starving people? What about the abuse? The wars? The famine? The economy? Global warming? The horrific atrocities happening to people, animals, our planet?”

This brings us to Ground Rule 2: You are everything.

“Wait! You haven’t answered my question!!”

You will find patience to be a very useful tool on planet Earth.

You are everything.

Another way to say this is – we are all One.

The Creator and The Creatrix had a dream. In that dream, as in all good and wonderful creations, they added a piece of themselves – a piece of God, a piece of Goddess. And that dream was you. That dream was you, and all of the people on your planet, and all of the consciousnesses in all of the multi-verses. That dream was All That Exists.

Now because All That Exists is all a piece of God and Goddess, every single piece of All has a gift, a seed, of love and light and Creation. Like snowflakes, every piece is different and every piece is precious. You are different from everything else and a part of everything else at the same time. And you are precious.

If every being expresses the all of who (s)he is – by following their own joy, bliss, talent, gifts… the world would not have the darkness it has today. It would have brilliant light.

You see, we wanted to tell you this as a way to answer your question… do you see that patience thing coming in handy? Speaking of which, it is time to have….

A Word about Time and Space:

The time and space modules were added to the illusion of Planet Earth in order to keep more participants in the game. Without the benefit of these add-ons players would create themselves off the planet before they figured out why they were on it.

Time is a handy tool. Because of time your thoughts and feelings don’t manifest instantly. This is especially handy when viewing horror and slasher films.

However because time is part of the Earth experience your creations will seem to take a very long time to manifest. Unfortunately, noticing how long it is taking will make them take even longer. This tends to be a catch-22 few can move themselves beyond.

Space also comes in handy. Space proves a convenient place to view and store the physical results of your creations in any given lifetime. Space is provided in 3-D Technicolor. The more real emotional results of your creations will be stored in your emotional body – useful but not as obvious.

The downside of space is that many falsely believe if they can see something it is real. Unfortunately this is far from the truth.

Creating on Planet Earth:

Creating is simple on Planet Earth.

  1. Decide what you want.
  2. Believe it is possible.
  3. Think about how getting that thing you want will make you feel.
  4. Feel that way now.
  5. Wait for it to manifest without changing the way you feel.

That fifth step is the killer for most manifestation attempts. That one little step keeps souls coming back to Planet Earth over and over and over again.

Editor’s note: A word of advice on this topic – you may find it extremely useful to ignore everything you see and hear that is not what you want. We understand that is easier said than done. But looking beyond the illusion to what is more real is the only way to do what you came here to do. And you must want to do this… after all, here you are again.

Quick Start Program:

Love. That’s it. Just love. Love yourself enough to allow the gifts the universe has for you – a wonderful life. Love others & the planet enough to create the same for them.

Unfortunately the quick start program, while viable, hasn’t proven to be very successful on Planet Earth. We do retain this section in the manual in hopes that some day this shortcut will prove useful.

That’s it.

Thank you again for choosing Earth as a home for your consciousness in this segment of the eternal now.

Good luck (as if there were such a thing…)!

In joyous creation,

The Magic of Intentions – it all starts with a dream. July 6, 2011

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“Magic has often been thought of us the art of making dreams come true; the art of realizing visions.
Yet before we can bring birth to the vision we have to see it.” – Starhawk


You create your own reality. Whether you believe it or not, it is a fact. If you think it’s all a bunch of hooey… it matters not. You still create it all.

On the other hand, knowing you create it all doesn’t really change anything either.

I have known hundreds of very ‘spiritual’ and/or ‘metaphysical’ people, who knew they created their own reality, yet lived lives of scarcity, fear and lack. These people can recite the elements of conscious creation verbatim, but can’t create themselves out of a paper bag.

Why? It’s one thing to know theory. It’s another thing altogether to apply the theory.

Why else? Conscious creation is a lot of work.

Don’t get me wrong. It gets easier. But even after you’ve proven to yourself you know the steps and can change your reality, it is still a lot of work. Every new dream, every new day, requires you to stay in the resonance of accepting what you desire.

Is it worth it? Hell yeah! Your life can be heaven on earth… of course it is worth it.

But you have to be willing to put in the effort. And where does it begin? It begins with a dream.

Now there are lots and lots of ways to dream and even more ways to state that dream. After many years of experimentation I am convinced that the most effective and elegant way to state a dream is with intentions.

Some teach stating your dreams in the future, “I will have…” The problem with that is the subconscious mind understands that as you are always “in a state of becoming”, never realizing, the dream.

Some say to state your dreams in the present, “I now have…” The problem with that is the subconscious mind believes it… ok you are abundant or whatever. No need for more.

But an intention is open ended. It takes now into account and the future. It says to your subconscious, this and more… such as this overall intention:

I intend to experience greater and greater levels of magic, fun, creativity, connectedness with the divine, peace, prosperity, abundance, safety, elegance, ease, health and healing, Divine Grace, Divine Guidance, joy, freedom, beauty, trust, wisdom and love.

Can you feel the power? The strong commitment? Intentions aren’t wishy-washy. They mean business. One way or another, you will create what you intend. It is a strong and powerful message to give your subconscious mind.

What should intentions include?

Intentions should include any area of your life you want to improve upon or even maintain. Intentions can include categories such as:


Other Relationships


Physical Body


Physical Surroundings

Mental & Emotional

Intentions for Play



Intentions for the Earth & Humanity


The sky is the limit when you are creating your intentions. Just be sure they are worded as concisely and cleanly as possible. Your subconscious mind should not be confused as to what you really want.

It is also important to have some excitement around your intentions. If you are not excited about the possibility of creating these things, why even include them in the first place? Emotion creates.

And if you really want to kick it into gear, ask. Ask for help. Each and every time I write my intentions I close with this statement:

Request to my Unseen Friends: I request and intend to receive help from all of my unseen friends to manifest all of my intentions even greater than stated, with harm to none.


Want more inspiration? Download some sample intentions.

OK. I wrote my intentions, now what?

Read them – daily. Change them – weekly. Be inspired and excited by them – constantly. And focus energy on them. Desire is only the first step of the Map, remember? I never said it was easy, only that it was worth it.

In joyous creation,


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What I Wish Someone Had Taught Me Long Ago July 2, 2011

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“Your philosophy is a way of looking at the universe that guides you in daily life. You probably won’t find it in textbooks.” ~ Richard Bach


I used to believe in black and white.

Right and wrong.

True and false.

Then I opened to my spirituality, and discovered metaphysics (the world beyond the physical.) And I realized appearances are deceiving. All that I thought was true and solid in my world suddenly wasn’t.

And the most frustrating of revelations – that the greatest truths are paradoxical. Two opposing principles are true at once! How disturbing is that to a what-you-see-is-what-you-get person?

Here are some things I am learning:

You’re Never as Conscious as You Think You Are, and You’re Always More Conscious than You Realize – No matter how far I climb, there are always more levels of consciousness to experience. And at the same time, there is always more available to me within my own consciousness than I realize. Like information about prior lifetimes, self-realizations about beliefs, patterns, experiences that are available to me to learn from and change my reality with – if I only access them.

In Order to Get Something You Have to Let Go of Something – A difficult but real truth. We are conditioned to control what we cherish – hold onto what we love at all costs. Yet to allow the magic in our lives, we need to let go of the fear that if we don’t hold it tight it will disappear. We need to recognize we create the magic, and by letting go of the fear, the judgment, the blame, and sometimes the people and the circumstances, we can use our power to draw to us what we desire.

You Create Your Entire Reality and Everyone Else Creates Their Entire Reality“How can this be so?” I wondered for a long time. Yet it is. What’s more, we have created our world where we each create our own realities to be affected by each other. In other words, what I do can help or hurt you. What you do can help or hurt me. Love matters.

What You Fear the Most is the Key to Your Greatest Freedom – Years and years are spent in the average lifetime avoiding what is most feared. We erect elaborate interior barriers to control and protect us from what we dread. And yet, once we have the courage to stare our fears in the face, they give us the information we need to heal, to change, to grow and to become free from the very fears that bound us. Freedom to finally create the lives we’ve longed for.

There’s No Free Lunch but the Price Isn’t What I Thought it Was – I used to think you had to “pay your dues” and struggle a predetermined amount of time and then, if you were lucky, you got to have the life you wanted. Well, I was right about getting to have the life you want, but not so right about the dues. Actually the real price is more difficult to pay at times. What’s required is giving up self-pity, victimhood, martyrdom, blame, judgment, denial and letting in how much we really are loved.

You Need to Be Fully Present and Yet Ignore What “Is” to Attract What “Isn’t” – What a crazy rule, when you look at it objectively. How can you be fully aware while in a life where you have what you don’t want and still focus on what you do? It’s not easy. But it works.

You Need to Take Full Responsibility for Creating Your Life While Staying Open to Miracles, Guidance and Assistance from Beyond – Once we really get this creating thing down, we realize we don’t have to do it alone. In fact, once we feel powerful enough that we can do it alone we realize we can’t. We need the love and grace and healing of a higher power to assist us. What’s more is, we want it. It’s even more fun, more incredible and more empowering than we could even imagine.

So, as long as we don’t expect black and white, and are comfortable in that gray place in-between (that is both black and white), we’ll be just fine.

In joyous creation,



Skeptical? Join the club! June 24, 2011

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“Doubt everything or believe everything: these are two equally convenient strategies. With either we dispense with the need for reflection.”     – Henri Poincare

Dear Boni,

There are a lot of things I’d like to have in my life… more money, a job I really love, a relationship that works better than the one I have now, more happiness, fewer problems, the list goes on and on.

But I have to admit I’m a little skeptical, hell, I’m a lot skeptical that I can have the kind of impact on my life you (and others) say I can. I mean, come on, do we really create our entire realities? And if we do, why don’t the visualizations I do work more often?


Want to Be a Believer


Dear Want,

Skepticism is healthy. All of us are skeptical especially in the beginning of our growth. I certainly was. I was in law school as well as pursuing a masters in business – two very linear paths with very logical thought processes. I was the definition of skeptical. Everything needed to be proven before I believed it.

Yet I was open-minded enough to let the proof in. I had been on a spiritual path a number of years before I came across the concept that we “create our own realities.” When I first read that phrase I was blown away! “Imagine the possibilities,” I thought.

I remember the first time I tried to manifest something. I wanted to go to a seminar that would cost over $1,000, which was a great deal of money to me at the time. I did a short but powerful manifesting technique every day for about a month. Within 48 hours, my first “sign” appeared. A $100 check arrived in the mail from a relative for absolutely no reason. “Just wanted you to have this,” she wrote.

Two days later, another unexpected check for $65 came in. All the money had not manifested by the time of the seminar, but enough of it had to buoy my belief that it would. Within the month, another $20,000 yearly income entered my life. Even though that story had a very successful ending, all of my manifestations have not proceeded as smoothly.

Your visualizations won’t work for you every time. Why? Because you don’t fully believe they can, for one. Another reason may be you need to process through more around what you want (making sure you really want it), why you want it (making sure the reason why is ok with you deep down), and whether you honestly believe you can have it (without negative consequence of any kind.)

Also, new dreams are just that… new! If your energy were already in alignment with the dream you would already have it – so obviously some shift has to happen. And it sometimes takes time to manifest. This is a good thing. (Imagine if every horrible thought you had manifested instantly!)

Does it mean the techniques aren’t working if you don’t have your dream the next day? Absolutely not. And yet many sabotage their manifestations because they don’t see instant results.

It takes time, patience (don’t you hate that word?) and perseverance to become masterful at conscious creating. But boy is the time and energy spent worth it!

Here are some tips to keep in mind along your journey:

1. Don’t let your skepticism rot into cynicism. It’s healthy to be skeptical. It keeps you discerning what is right for you regarding your growth at any given period in time. It is debilitating to become cynical.

2. Don’t let your doubt stop you from processing through the reasons you don’t currently have what you want. Remember the world is a perfect reflection of your consciousness. What you have is in alignment with the energy you are putting out. If you are thinking, “This probably won’t work. I don’t really have any impact in my world.” You will create a reality within which you don’t have impact and your world seems randomly caused. Discover and change your beliefs about being able to create your reality!

3. Realize it doesn’t happen overnight (for most of us.) Creating a life we love is a process… just as it has been a process creating the life we currently have. Our beliefs change in small increments, as does our reality. The shortcut: love yourself more.

4. As long as it is going to take some time, enjoy it all. We will never be “done” creating a life we love. There will always be bigger dreams, deeper healings and greater love to aspire to. That alone, is reason enough to begin to enjoy the journey. But even more importantly, the more you enjoy the process, the faster your dreams will manifest. A paradox, for sure, but nonetheless true.

I hope this helps, Want, to change your name from “Want” to “Believer”.

Much love,



The Miracle of Manifestation June 16, 2011

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“Desire, ask, believe, receive.” -Stella Terrill Mann 

I remember the first time I read a book about conscious creation. I was flabbergasted. I had been a “you show it to me and I’ll believe it” kind of person. I thought you created things in your life by hard work and education and a few lucky breaks. I believed sometimes good things happened, sometimes bad things happened, and that’s just the way life worked.

Yet the book I was reading was saying… “That’s not at all the way life works – you create every aspect of your reality”. Whoa – THIS was incredible.

It took quite a bit of studying before I was brave enough to TRY to create something. It was scary to actually attempt to manifest something. What if it didn’t work? Would that mean it really wasn’t true? I didn’t want to risk the possibility – this concept was too magnificent. I imagined all I could create if it were true… more money, more love, more success, more happiness.

I had to try it. I spent 45 minutes every day for 30 days attempting to manifest $1,000. In two months time, I had manifested over $20,000 above my scheduled earnings. Out of thin air. I was a believer!

Then I stopped trying.

Fear struck. What if it were just a coincidence? What if I were just setting myself up for a huge disappointment? What if I really had no control whatsoever?

It took a long time before I tried manifesting again. I still didn’t have proof it worked. And I doubt I ever will. What I have is an inner knowing… that ours is a deeply loving universe and that we have a divinely given power to create our realities. That’s all. Just a knowing.

I also have hundreds of stories of anecdotal evidence that manifestation is real. I have seen realities turn around on a dime with one little technique.

I remember planning a trip to the mountains with my family. We were meeting some friends of ours who had headed up early, and before we left I received a phone call from them, “You better start programming,” my metaphysical friend advised. “I know you ordered two adjoining rooms for your family and another room for us, but since the rooms are gratis and they are booked solid, they only have one room available!”

At first I panicked. All seven of us in one room would be impossible. Then I remembered. I have the power and ability to choose what I want in my world. I sat down, got quiet, and set the resonance. I remembered all the times in my life that travel plans had turned out better than expected. I filled myself with that knowing. I anticipated this situation would turn out that way or even better. I began to get excited. Then I did a quick but extremely powerful visualization technique. I did it once more, and felt it was done. I just felt didn’t need to repeat it the third time.

A couple of minutes later, the phone rang. It was my friend, “Good job!” she said, “We were given the room, and you were given a CONDO! We are sitting in it right now – in front of the fireplace overlooking the slopes!”


It works that easily. Over and over again I’ve seen manifestations in my life and in the lives of others that seemed impossible. But they’re not. That’s the way reality really works.

It’s complicated, but simple. It takes patience, practice, and a willingness to explore who you are and your spiritual realm, but it’s possible for every single one of us to manifest our heart’s desires.

In joyous creation,



How to Create for Those You Love June 8, 2011

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“There is nothing on earth more important than the love
which conscious beings feel towards each other,
whether or not it is ever expressed.” ~ Thaddeus Golas


You love.


Not only do you ‘love’. You LOVE. Your ability to love is profound. And that love can have incredible positive impact on others and on your world.  


Naturally you are going to want to do what you can to help others – especially when you see someone you love in pain – physical, mental, emotional or spiritual.


“Well, if our love is that powerful wouldn’t our world be in a better place right now?” you may ask.


Well, I never said it was easy. I said it is possible. And yet there are ways to improve your success in creating positive change for those you love. Here are just a few:


Heal & empower yourself.

The more powerful you are in your own life, the more powerful the impact you will be able to have on others. Why?


If you aren’t strong and powerful, how can you be strong and powerful for others? Think about an old, weak, handicapped man in an airplane crash. If he can barely get himself out of the plane he probably won’t be of much help to anyone else, right? Creating is analogous.


Honing your creation skills to make your life more and more beautiful will result in changing beliefs that could be limiting, such as beliefs about your deservability, about your power, and about the universe itself.

It isn’t that you have to wait for everything in your life to be perfect before you help others, but the better you learn to consciously create a life that is perfect for you, the more skilled you will become at influencing the lives of others.


Let go of control.

Just like creating for yourself, if you let the universe handle the details the results will be much more elegant. If you allow the universe to work its magic and focus on the essence of the creation instead of deciding how it should look, ultimately much more magic will occur.


For instance, if a friend of yours is hoping to be hired at a certain company she’s applied to, you could focus on her working for that company, or you could focus on her being extremely happy about her job. Who knows, there may be another job offer right around the corner, and one she never would apply for if she received an offer from the first company.


Or, she could be a hair’s breath away from learning the biggest lesson of her life, and being hired by the first company could rob her of that and her ultimate happiness could take much longer.


Trust the universe. This brings me to another important point:


Don’t assume you know what is going on with the other person.

I had a huge wakeup call recently, when I attended a seminar by a channeled entity for whom I have the utmost respect. They were talking with a woman about her former alcoholism. The wise channeled entity told her that she should not judge herself for that period in her life, and that in fact, if she hadn’t used alcohol to numb the pain during that time, she would have likely died. The alcohol abuse kept her alive until she was strong enough to deal with the core issue.


What did I learn? Deciding how a person should be living their lives may not serve them at all, and it could even harm them. You just cannot know everything about what is happening with someone at the deepest levels. Trust that they are on their own soul’s journey, and their soul knows better than you what they need.


Don’t attach.

You’ve heard the word… codependence.  If your happiness is dependent on your loved one being healed, happy, employed, thinner, heavier, in rehab, whatever – they aren’t the one with the problem. You are. Well, maybe they have a problem too, but until you let go of the need to take responsibility for their lives, they may be holding onto their problem to ‘help your growth’.


Get the help you need to practice compassionate detachment and you will not only be more powerful with all of your creations, you may release your loved one from having to be in ‘your play’ and enable them to finally move forward.

Let the love flow. Emotion = creation. The more you flow the energy of love, joy, excitement, etc. into your desire (any desire and any problem too for that matter), the quicker and more elegant the shift.


Here is a wonderful way to offer love and light: Sit quietly and imagine yourself in a beautiful place in nature, at night, with a fire burning in front of you. Sit and wait… wait for your loved one’s higher self. Mentally call them to you. They may look like your loved one, or they may look very different, or even like a being of shimmering light. You may not even see them with your eyes at all… you may see them with your heart, or feel their presence, or hear their words.


When they arrive, tell them what is going on with your friend. Let them know of your love and your desire to help. And ask them to use the love and light and energy you are sending to your friend, in the highest way possible. Imagine light flowing from your heart, to the heart of your friend’s higher self. Then, when you feel ready, thank them, see them fade away, and open your eyes.


Know you are having impact.

No matter what – your prayers, your words, your thoughts, your feelings have impact. You may have read my other posts with stories about creating for those you love. In one, my efforts worked miraculously. At another time, my efforts seemed to have been for naught.


Yet I knew, in my heart of hearts, my intention to have impact, my desire to help, and my love, all made a difference. Love always make a difference.

Just do it.

The bottom line is, don’t wait. You don’t have to do it perfectly. Prayer, sending energy, working meditatively, visualizing your reality with them in it, happy, healthy and healed, will help them. Yes, you can become more powerful, clearer, cleaner in the energy you send, and yes, you can progressively have more and more positive impact on your world. But don’t wait.


If you see someone in need, just do it.


In joyous creation,





Creating for Those You Love (part II of II) May 27, 2011

Vision: the art of seeing things invisible.”   – Jonathon Swift


Since that trip to the shamanic healer, my son had ups and downs with his eyesight and the disease he suffered from. I continued to spend the majority of my time searching for alternative therapy for him and he acquiesced to the treatments, typically with disdain and cynicism.


I spent a good deal of the rest of my time looking at why I would have created this scenario in my reality. After all, if we do create it all, I must have created this, either by ‘making’ it happen or ‘letting’ it happen. There are no exceptions, right? Then wasn’t I creating or letting my son having this disease? I had a great deal of confusion around this topic.


But I am nothing if not persistent. I continued to work on the only thing I had control over, myself.  I looked at the parts of me that wanted to ‘control’ this situation. I looked at the parts of me that didn’t believe I could have impact on my son. I let go of the control. I changed the beliefs. But because my son was not yet an adult, I remained his champion and made it my responsibility to find answers.


One day he came home from school in obvious eye pain. I drove him to the doctor immediately, as fast as I could, with him crying and screaming in the back seat. Once seated in the exam chair he inexplicably fell asleep. I looked quizzically at the doctor.


“The body has amazing ways to deal with pain. If pain becomes too severe, the body will simply shut down. He is asleep so he can avoid consciously feeling the pain,” he explained. He was given eye drops to stop the pain and scheduled for surgery the following week.


How do you love someone more than life itself, and still be ok with decisions that result in pain and tragedy? How do you not beat yourself up thinking you had somehow ‘let’ this happen? Simple. By realizing this is a free will universe.


And like the love the Goddess and God have for us, the highest level of love honors that free will, and does not seek to control, even if we know it is for someone’s own good. Sometimes finding that line between helping and controlling, allowing children to take responsibility for their own lives and being a responsible parent is difficult.


We do create it all. Each of us. Individually. And yet, paradoxically, we also have impact on each other. Our energy has impact. Our prayers have impact. Our love has impact.


Almost a decade after that first surgery my son was still dealing with this disease. The disease itself causes other diseases, and he developed glaucoma as well as cataracts. He underwent surgeries for both diseases and just after a second glaucoma related surgery he called me from the surgeon’s office.


“Mom, something is wrong. The doctor says my retina has detached and wants me to see a retina specialist tonight.”


My throat closed. I knew this could very likely mean he would lose his eye. I had two friends who had retinal detachment and it was touch and go even with healthy eyes, requiring days of lying face down in order to allow the greatest chance of success after re-attachment surgery.


I knew one of my son’s greatest fears was wearing a glass eye (after the fear of being totally blind). People ask regularly why his eyes look funny, and he’s very sensitive about looking ‘strange’. This news was horrible.


I tried not to let him sense my fear. I asked him to call me as soon as he was finished with the next appointment. I hung up and went into action.


First, I had to get someone to him ASAP. If he learned he may lose his eye, I didn’t want him to be alone. I was an hour away and could never make it in time, so I called my fiancé to meet my son and support him emotionally.


I then called three powerful friends, to send prayers and healing energy to him.


Only then, did I sit down and get very, very clear. I realized he had chosen this disease for some reason, on a soul level (being a childhood disease) and it was not up to me to fix it for him or take responsibility for it. I also realized he had created this specific nightmare of being perilously close to losing his eye, for some reason. And yet there was a reason I was in this reality as well.


I wanted to help him, but I wouldn’t rob him of a lesson he had chosen on some level to learn. I went into meditation, and had a talk with his Higher Self.


“Ok,” I began, “My son is in trouble right now. He is perilously close to losing his eye,” I said mentally to her. My eyes welled up with tears.


“I love my son, more than words can say, and I want to give him energy, light, love and healing and it would be my preference that this possibility of a retina detachment totally disappears… but I respect and honor his choice. Please use this energy for his highest and best good.”


And then I let go of trying to control the outcome. I would trust his Higher Self. I had (almost) done what I could.


I went back to thinking about me, and the world I was creating. I wanted less suffering in my world. I wanted less pain. I would do what I could about that.


I went into another meditation. I imagined myself later that night, being ecstatically happy that my fears hadn’t manifest, and my son and his eyes were fine. I felt how that would feel, and a sense of peace came over me.


And I knew now, I had done what I could.


I came out of mediation and continued to prepare dinner, forcing myself to stay calm and centered as I did so.


After an hour passed, I could no longer stand the wait. I called my fiancé, needing to know!


“Oh, yeah, I was just going to call you,” he said. “Everything is fine. Apparently the first surgeon made a mistake, and the retina was not detached after all.”


Mistake… yeah, right.


I called and thanked my physical friends who had sent energy.


And I stopped and silently thanked my non-physical friends who had done the same.


In joyous creation,



Creating for those you love (part I of II) May 26, 2011

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“Not everything that is faced can be changed. But nothing can be changed until it is faced.” ~ James Baldwin



My son was only 7 years old when he was diagnosed with a rare and serious eye disease. He came home from school one day complaining that he couldn’t see what his teacher was writing on the board, even when she sat him in the front row of the classroom. Of course I did what any caring mother would do; I took him to the optometrist to be fitted for glasses.


The young technician sat my squirmy boy down and began turning dials on the machine. A look of confusion on her face melted into concern, and then into panic. She got up and left the room, and upon her return asked us to step back into the waiting room. I knew something was wrong, but I had no idea that my son was faced with a disease that could leave him blind.


It turned out he had such a rare disease that what little research had been done could not pinpoint a cause or a cure. The only possible treatment was to hospitalize him, put him under general anesthesia, and inject his eyeballs with steroids. And this treatment was not to be administered just once, but every month for the foreseeable future.


According to the doctors, this terribly invasive and risky procedure wasn’t even going to cure him, but hopefully slow the progression of the disease. As a mother, I was beside myself with fear and dread.


I visited the library of a local medical school and spent days researching the disease. The papers written on the treatment were consistent. There was no magic bullet. The steroid treatment could help, or it could harm as much as it might possibly help. How could I subject my child to that? I had to find another way.


I had been studying metaphysics and spirituality for about a decade at that time, and I had a deep belief that everything is healable, however I knew little about actual methodologies. I began to research and to learn a lot about alternative medicine.


I tried approach after approach to heal his eyes – all natural diets, treating the eyes with light, supplements, homeopathics – none of them worked, at least for long. We would visit a practitioner, and his eyesight would improve but would not maintain the improvement. I began to think perhaps there was something else going on here, and when we visited a physic healer in Arizona; I realized how right I was.


Sienna was an Indian shamaness. She worked with the physical body but she also worked the mental, emotional and spiritual bodies as well. We visited her for an entire week during a particularly rough patch in his illness. His eyesight was nearly gone. He could read a word only if the letters were over an inch tall and the paper was held 3 inches from his face. It would break my heart, when I would walk into a room and he couldn’t see me.


Sienna not only worked with my son, she worked with me too. She was a wise woman, and understood my son may have been creating this disease with an ulterior motive (or partially because of one). And she worked with me to clear the patterns and contracts that were between the two of us so that he would be free to heal and so that I would be free to live.


You see when two people are dancing a co-dependant dance, neither is free. And if disease is part of that dance, the disease may not heal until one or both parties disconnect from the dance.


We were involved in a co-dependency too complex to describe in this blog, but basically he was controlling me through his wild-child behavior and yes, partially through this eye disease. Sienna carefully unwound the patterning and held a space for the disease to be lifted.


You see a healer doesn’t really heal anyone. They hold a space for you to heal. And she did this brilliantly.


Within a few days, my son could read print so tiny I couldn’t even read it with my 20/20 vision! I was ecstatic! I was overjoyed! All my research, prayers, hope, love and effort were finally paying off!!


We flew back to Colorado and I was in a state of euphoria! Until the next day, when my son’s eyesight returned to the prior state – so visionless he was declared legally blind.


What happened? Ultimately, healing is always our choice. This healing was not my choice. It was my son’s choice. And he had chosen.


In joyous creation,


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